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Residential Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

We can take care of the floors, countertops, appliances (including inside of ovens), baseboards, and lighting. We’ll make sure your kitchen always feels fresh and pristine.

Bathroom Cleaning

This is the last place most people want to clean, but our Busy Bee cleaners will quickly make your floors and toilets sparkle! And yes, we also clean walls, bathtubs/showers and lighting.

Common Areas

Keep your floors, furniture, and lighting free from the dust and dirt that tends to accumulate here. We’ll make this room comfortable, clean, and inviting.


You spend about 1/3 of your life here! We’ll make sure it’s clean and comfortable by focusing on the floors, walls, under the bed, the baseboards, and more.

Call us at Busy Bee Cleaning today (612) 235-6997 for more information and to get a free home cleaning estimate.

The Services You Need, When You Need Them

No Time? No Problem. You can still have a pristine home by taking advantage of our affordable cleaning services. At Busy Bee Cleaning, we will do the work that you don’t want to. Our professional cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific needs. So, whether your schedule is too packed, your house is too big, or if cleaning bathrooms is the last thing on your mind, we can help.

No job is too big or too small for us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work for large homes and cozy apartments.Our Cleaning Team will thoroughly clean your house and then go through our 12+1 Check List to assure that nothing was missed. Call us today and discover how Busy Bee Cleaning can provide the results you need.

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